GSE and AME Sales and Rental

Fortbrand UK can offer short term rental and lease covering:

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Airfield Maintenance Equipment (AME)

We can also offer an appraisal of your GSE and a possible sale and lease back option, enabling a phased upgrade of your fleet with flexibility in your GSE composition to suit your customer needs.

FORTBRAND UK supply, maintain and manufacture specialist parts for de-icer trucks and machinery across the UK. FORTBRAND UK are leading UK aircraft de-icing experts.

New Heater Builds

Heater overhaul and reconditioning

Annual, Quality and Incident Inspections

Maintenance Training

Service Support

Sales and Hire

FrostBuster is an economical de-frosting solution available with two options:

Bespoke Trailer

RTV featuring a Stainless Steel Fluid tank up to 350 litres

For more details, visit our partner site here.

SignBuster is our solution to remote stand signage systems. Each come with the following features:

Trailer with galvanised chassis

Solar Panel with 25 year warranty

Electronic control with SSHD

65 Inch LCD Screen (84″ available)

For more details, visit our partner site here.

Tow-Blok® prevents expensive damage to cables and aircraft, and loss of revenue.

The patented Tow-Blok® comes with a variety of features and benefits, the main are:

Wiring Schematics

Voice Commands

LED Signalling

For a full overview:

Tow-Blok® Sales Presenter